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Possible engine swaps for 87' Porsche 911?

Is it possible to drop in a VW Type 1 or 4 aircooled engine in my project 911? I like the idea of ‘less is more’ horsepower, kind of 912esque. I also think the lighter engine would contribute to a better balanced car. I eventually will replace it with a proper 911 soul but I’m not too keen on spending a large chunk of my budget for this car on a new 3.2. My main thing is I don’t want to be breaking out the Sawzall at all on this.

I’m sorry , but this makes no sense to me . You have a collector vehicle and if you modify it to hold a VW engine and even return the right engine you will have lowered the value.

My plan is to install the engine without modifying any Sheetmetal or the chassis. I’m not sure how this would effect the resale value when re-installing a stock motor. Ultimately, there would be no way of telling and I doubt anyone would really care.

You said it is a project so what is the hurry . It sounds like you have time to rebuild the original motor.

That’s the sad part though, previous owner was the “Por$che=investment” type and deferred proper maintenance and it overheated and cracked the block and internals to toast. It’d cost me as much if not more to buy a new one versus rebuilding the toasty one.

I would make it my project to gradually acquired the needed parts from car shows/swap meets/recycle shops, etc. Go to a Porsche forum and ask around for ideas on how to get a running engine back in your 911. I bet you’ll find a number of enthusiasts willing to help. It doesn’t need to match the year, many 911 aircooled engines can swap. But the thought of putting a noisy wheezy VW engine in a 911 just is a no-go for me.

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I’d start by finding a copy of the magazine Dune Buggies and Hot VW’s They’ll have several advertisers who sell new VW type 1 compatible engines, intended as replacement engines for 1960’s and 70’s VW air cooled Beetles. Call up a few of the advertisers and ask your question. I expect they’ll know, or will direct you to somebody who does. If an 87 911 is air cooled, I expect the answer is “yes”, that will work, but may need some add’l adapter hardware. Expect some challenges. I have a friend who owns a 69 912, and every time I see him he goes on and on about his carburetors … lol …