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1999 Porsche Boxster - Security system is locking me out

secuity system got wet, water under seat, car won’t start, how do i fix?

You’ll need to replace the alarm module. I’m not a Porsche owner (or a mechanic for that matter) but there are YouTube vids that will show you how if you’re a DIY type.

yes, looks more complex than i’m ready to tackle, now to find a decent mechanic that can take it on with competence. it’s a great car when it’s running! anyone in the chicago area that has experience with older porsches?

Depending on how the water got in the car your insurance might help ( if you have full coverage ) . Also as complex as this sounds a dealer might be the best place . It is going to be expensive no matter who does the work.

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Google is your friend:
“Porsche mechanics near me”
“German auto mechanics near me”

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