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Porsche 914 info needed

I have an opportunity to get a Porsche 914 (1974) for a decent price. However, there seems to be a lot of “throw” in the gear shift lever and, while the engine runs strong in neutral, when in gear the power doesn’t seem to be getting to the wheels. The clutch only engages within the last 1 & 1/2 inches of pedal travel, maybe less. Is there an adjustment that could be made to the clutch mechanism or do I need to replace the clutch a.s.a.p.? Any further info would be appreciated.

Monkey Motion shift linkage is probably worn out at both ends. The clutch CAN be adjusted, and may or may not cure the problem… It’s a starting point. Invest in a Service Manual for this car, read and learn…

Shift action depends on the year - early cars were real sloppy . There is a bushing at the transmission that can be replaced to tighten up the shifts . Real easy to do .
Check the clutch cable too - if it’s frayed replace it immediately .

BTW before you buy check the engine compartment on the passenger side for signs of corrosion . The rear suspension mounts just below and it can get hairy if the suspension gets loose !

Thanks; very little rust in floor pan area under seats. Suspension areas, front & rear trunks and jack points are all solid.