Help please how do you fix a broken shift stick on a 1983 Porsche 911 SC

So i have this Porsche and is been passed down and i have no idea how to fix it like battery is God and everything is nice i mean I’ll work on engine next but the actual stick that changes gears can actually pop out and i mean i can still change gears it’s just is there a way to make the stick stay in there thank you

Congratulations on having acquired a great car. IMHO that vintage with its sloped front, upright headlights, early vintage profile and whale tail was the best looking of the 911 line.

I’ve never worked on a Porsche, but back then it was common for the shifter stick to have a ball in the middle set into a lower hemisphere with a retainer (cap, top hemisphere) to retain the stick. You’re probably just missing the cap.

But what I’ll recommend is to post on a Porsche 911 forum. 911s are a subculture of their own, and I’m betting there’ll be a Porsche expert that’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong.

And there’re tons of books. some I’m sure at the local bookstore, specific to repairing and maintaining these beauties. I recommend you purchase a few.

Happy Holidays

You might clarify this problem a bit. Do you mean that you can shift the transmission into certain gears and that it will jump out of gear rather than the stick itself coming loose?

You need to find a good mechanic that specializes in German cars - and fast. This vintage car will need frequent visits to said mechanic.

Sounds like the transmission needs rebuilding. Bring a wheelbarrow full of cash to the best Porsche mechanic you can find and have patience. A good Porsche mechanic is hard to find and will have a waiting list.

BTW, try a little punctuation, please. It is a tough to understand your post without it.

I would not say there is anything wrong with the tranny. It sounds as if a clip is missing that keeps the stick stuck in the shift ball.

Step 1. Break out the wallet

Step 2. Start pulling out Benjamens cause your gonna need them to keep this thing going.

That being said, what a sweet car, I inherited a car once. It was a 77 Ltd. It backfired, had a loud exhaust and ran poorly.

This could be anything. Take a breath, join several of the very active Porsche forums, and ask around to find a good old Porsche mechanic near you. You might try the “Mechanics Files” button above, you might be lucky.

Here’s an extended set of posts about an '85 911 that Edmunds owned, lots of good info:

Know that an '83 911 is really kind of an antique, based largely on '60s technology. But a FUN antique. Don’t expect it to be a daily driver, at least until you’ve had it gone over front to back and all issues worked out.