Popping sound in engine when i accelerate

My Mercury Sable makes a popping sound when I accelerate particularly when it warming up while I am driving. Note its 24v DOH takes longer than the SOH to heat up. I check the vacuum hoses and there’s no blockage. Could it be that I need to spray the throttle to remove possible build up sediments?

Describe “popping”. Does it seem to be popping in the engine compartment, or lower on the car, or out the exhaust? Does the sound seem to be metallic?
What octane gasoline are you using? Go to a higher octane and note the results? Is the check engine light on? If yes, what are the codes?
What year and engine for your Sable?

The model/year is 2001 24V DOH. Because of the cold weather I did not check the code, the car stays outside. The popping sound is certainly not metalic, it’s like a loud “PUFF” and seems to come from the air cleaner connection, the car struggles at the same time to accelerate, which seem to cause the check engine light to come on. With a gentle press of the pedal the speed will increase, but slowly. I use 89 octane,though the handbook recommends 87octane. but when I put the injector cleaner in I did use 87 octane. Note If I disconnect the positive of the battery for a about 30 minutes the echeck engine light goes off until the engine struggles again. Sometimes I would get a sudden burst of energy and it speeds up, like something was partially blocked and sudden cleared, but this occur possibly two or three times in a half hour drive. Any futher

The first thing to do is have the computer scanned to see what code(s) are coming up. The check engine light is there to tell you about problems in one or more of the car’s systems. Lots of things can give this problem so there is no point in beginning to guess or address it without have the codes. So the next time the engine light is on, leave it on. Go to an auto parts chain (such as Autozone or the like) - they will read the codes for free. Write down the exact code (e.g. P0123) and post it here.

What you describe might be BACKFIRE through the intake. This can damage the MAF (Mass Air Flow) Sensor, idle air control valve, and the throttle plate. It can be caused by erratic timing, intake valve not closing completely, etc. You need to see a capable mechanic about this.