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Acelerator pedal sounds like air blowing through then more problems

Help my car just all of the sudden started makeing this air vent/blowing noise each time I touched the pedal while driving. Then about 8 miles later there was an additional noice rattleing in the back of the manifold. This car is the few that have the DOHC where as the engine is sideways instead of horozontal. The power also decreased quickly, so I pulled over. Not only didn’t the oil light ever come on, but it was out of oil. I poured two quarts in of what the gas station only has 5/30 instead of the 5/20 it needs. My car is in very bad shape no power lots of engine noise, but no smoke. What do you think happened?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not willing to venture a guess until you tell us the following things:

Make, model, model year, and odometer mileage of this mystery vehicle
The vehicle’s maintenance history–in detail–over the past 3 years
Where the air vent/blowing noise seems to be emanating from
When you last checked the oil dipstick, prior to the incident
Whether the Check Engine Light is illuminated

Well, more info would help but it is obvious the engine is in bad shape. They just don’t last long without oil.

I think the make, model and year is immaterial. That engine is toast.

Amen to that, RemcoW

Thx I kind of figured it was over.

The engine does sound like it is toast, but let us not forget that the engine that “was out of oil” most likely still had a qt or two in the crankcase. Definitely not a good situation, but it is possible that the OP could continue to drive this mystery vehicle for a few thousand more miles after a mechanic checks it over in order to determine the extent of the damage.

However, if this is an old or poorly-maintained car with a very low book value, even spending the money for a partial tear-down of the engine is not logical…and that is why I wanted to know some of the information that the OP never disclosed.

OP–would you like to reveal more info about this vehicle?