Popping sound in 2010 bentley continental supersports

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I own a Bentley continental supersports 2010 model. 1 year ago a popping sound started on the passenger dashboard. The sound is very similar to a little stone hitting the windshield. It seems to happen when the chassis flexes but sometimes when I accelerate really fast. It has nothing to do with the air condition, with the speakers or with the door motor thing. I sent the car to Bentley, they removed the whole dashboard and said that the problem had to do with the wielding of the car. They thought they fixed it but clearly not as the sound still persists. I have no idea what to do anymore. I have asked so many people about this with no result. Sent the car to other garages,no one was able to find what the issue was. I would be really grateful if anyone was able to help. I love the car and I don’t want to get rid of it.

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All I can suggest is to have a passenger push (hard) every which way they can on the dash while you’re driving. Also push on and around the visors and windshield. I assume it does it with the glove box empty.

And if that doesn’t work, take the glovebox off and start pushing things behind it. I’ve solved a lot of rattles by tightening down glove box hinge brackets.

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Thank you so much for replying. Tried doing it. Unfortunately the sound is still there.

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Curious why wouldn’t you go back to them and let them know their fix didn’t work? They are already familiar with the issue and probably best suited to fix it. Maybe their fix was in the right spot but wasn’t robust enough…

Unfortunately Bentley in Greece , Athens. They don’t have much experience and the know how as there are only 8 to 10 Bentleys in Greece . They assumed that the problem was from the wielding of the car, but it wasn’t .

Contact Bentley Motorcars directly and explain the problem to them. They might have alternatives to troubleshoot and fix it. You paid a lot for this car, and it seems to me they should have superlative service to go along with a superlative car.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t give up yet either. That’s way too nice of a car to get rid of just because of a rattle. What you might want to do is find someone you trust not to wreck your car, and have them drive while you work on locating the exact place the sound is coming from.

Rattles can be really deceptive. Sunglasses rattling in a center console can sound like it’s coming from the door. You have to move your head all around and get your ear close to the source before you’re sure where it’s coming from. Once you know the area it’s coming from, start pressing anything you can get to. When the rattle stops, you’ve found your offending part and then we can figure out how to de-rattle it.

Obviously, do this test on an empty road or preferably a closed off area like an unused parking lot, since you’ll probably have to be unbuckled and in dangerous positions to find the source.

a rattle is probably less annoying than a constant pop sound everytime you start/stop. too bad they could not drive the car with the dash removed to better hear or pinpoint the sound source. but driving a car even as a test mode with no dash installed is probably not an option