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Popping Sound (2004 Suzuki Aerio)

I have an '04 Suzuki Aerio, and there is a lound popping or knocking sound coming from the front of the car when I drive it. I don’t seem to hear it when the car is inert (i.e. idling or traveling in a straight at a constant speed). I hear it intermittently when I accelerate/decelerate or turn. I hear it in drive and reverse. The strange thing is that it seems to go away completely when it is raining, and then come back when it stops raining and things dry out. It has been happening for a month or two. I think it has been gradually getting a bit louder. Any ideas about what could cause this?

Is it really pronounced while making turns? If so, could be a CV joint in one of the half shafts. IF that is the case, get it fixed soon because that can be a potentially dangerous failure.

It seems to happen about as often, and be about as loud when turning as it is when accelerating, if that helps. It happens less often when decelerating, especially when decelerating gradually.

Yeah, it certainly sounds like the CV joint is bad. You could lift the front of the car up so you can turn the wheel and try to turn it to see if you can hear it. You may not because it isn’t under load, though.
Get a mechanic to look at that ASAP.

Thanks! I’ll do that.

One more question. Is it worthwhile to replace both CV joints while I’m at it, or should I leave the other one alone until it goes? Thanks!

While the guy is there, you may want to think about getting them both replaced. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg and the other one is likely in similar shape. They do wear out eventually.
Btw, just bring it to your trusted mechanic and see what he thinks. In other words, have him diagnose it as being a bad CV joint. IF that’s what he thinks it is, ask him about the shape of the non-offending (yet) joint.
He’ll likely replace the half shaft, as that’s what this thing is located on. It actually has two CV joints per half shaft and to rebuild them takes a lot more money (in time) than just putting a new one in.