Popping noise when i first Accelerate- Read below for more

OK here is the problem.

I am somewhat mechanically inclined… not much but a little… I have had a
cv joint to go out. This doesn’t resemble that in any way. Turning will not
affect this noise. I just replaced the brakes last week… everything looks good
and tight. No loose bearings. Engine is very quite…No noise there.

Could be my engine mounts but when I crank car and rev it up it doesn’t move
much and seems ok. No noise there that I can tell.

When I first take off in the morning about 5mph it sound like some knocks on
the side of my car about 4 or 5 times. It will not do it again usually until the
next morning.

It sounds like its coming from the front right side (passenger side). Not
sure. I usually listen to radio on the way home so I only heard it in the
morning but now after research I realize its does it when I leave for home as

Here is what I have narrowed down. I am hoping someone here has seen this before
or knows what I am talking about.

I can best describe the sound like there is someone lying down beside my car
and knocks on the front passenger quarter panel with his knuckles. Faint but when paying
attention you can definitely hear it with no problem. Not over the radio

  1. I thought it only happened when I left in the morning

  2. I could drive from here to NC and it would not do it again…Nothing

  3. I would drive down our road and would stop and start again… Nothing

  4. Put car in park and then move it to Drive and accelerate…Nothing

  5. Put car in Neutral and stop and then move to drive and

  6. Move car from reverse to Drive then takeoff…Nothing

  7. Put car in park and let idle then take off…. Nothing

  8. Pulled in to store and went shopping. When I left… It happened
    again. 4 knocks

  9. During drive home, stops signs, lights, etc…Nothing

  10. Next morning leaving for work… It happened again. 4 knocks

I have now figured out how to duplicate it each time. It doesn’t
matter if it’s cold or hot, in drive or reverse, turning or going straight,
accelerate easy or stomping it. It will only do it if I shut the car down and
then I crank the car and then when I go to take off it will do it again. It
will not do it again until I turn car off and then re-crank it.

Also please note: I drove down my road about 3 mph for about 300 yards.
Nothing…then when I slowly speed up to about 5 or 6… It happened again. 4


The ABS self test usually occurs once per ignition cycle during first acceleration at 5-10 MPH.
I think you are listening to the ABS solenoids actuating.

I believe that Nevada is correct about this noise merely being the ABS self-test.

On some models, this normal electronic routine is so quiet as to be virtually unnoticeable.
On other models, it can be very intrusive and can involve a slight trembling of the brake pedal, coupled with knocking sounds that may sound like they are coming from the rear, or from underneath the hood. It really does vary quite a bit from model to model, and can even be slightly different with two different samples of the same model.

So, in other words, this self-test can range from quiet and unapparent, to quite noisy.

And…if someone has never previously driven a car with ABS, it can be particularly unsettling, especially if that person has not read the description of this phenomenon that is found in the Owner’s Manual. Just out of curiosity…is this the OP’s first car with ABS?

This vehicle is a 2006 Avalon XL with 109000 miles. I also have a 2008 Tundra and a 2009 Maxima. Never heard this noise before but i think this is the most accurate answer i have yet to receive.