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14 cruze startup

Brand new. On start up when first accelerating I hear a weird bottoming out kind of scrapping noise and a tiny hitch in accelerating. Only happens once once after start up. Maybe 50% of the time this will happen on start up. Anybody know what this may be?

It’s the 1.4 4 cylinder with turbocharge.

It is new and you have a warranty, use it.

Maybe the ABS unit cycling/testing?

My Toyota does this at 7 to 8 mph. It’s the ABS self test and it’s normal.

I rented the same car for 2 weeks, it never did anything like that…But to get satisfaction, it will have to do it when a service tech is driving the car…

I have the same thing in my Accord. It bothered me at first, too, until I figured out what it was. This should only occur moving forward and never in reverse. BTW, I took it to the dealer and asked about the noise, and the service writer had no idea what it could be.

I agree that the symptoms described by the OP are almost surely the ABS self-test.
If the OP has not already read the Owner’s Manual cover-to-cover, I would suggest doing that, as it is very likely that this normal sound is mentioned. However, the info could be located in any of several different parts of the manual, so reading the entire manual is probably going to be necessary.

I have other suggestion, namely…don’t look in the index for a reference to “scrapping”.
Usually only junk yards talk about scrapping cars.


My Honda manual never mentioned the ABS self test. I don’t think Toyota manuals mentioned it either. At least not initially.

I would be extremely surprised if the manual for a 2014 car did not mention the ABS self-test.

The second thing in the Brakes section of the owner’s manual is a note about the ABS self test. Page 9-39!