Popcorn sound under my truck

Hi. I have a 2000 chevy S10 pick up truck. Yesterday when I started my truck, it immediately started making a noise that sounded like popcorn popping. Its not really loud but loud enough to easily hear it. The sound happens at idle and it speeds up and gets louder as I accelerate. When I let my foot off the gas, the sound goes away until I’m at a dead stop again. The sound is coming from under the engine. I believe it might be a leak in the exhaust from the research that I’ve made but I haven’t found a video where it sounds exactly like mine. Any ideas what could be causing this noise? I got my fuel filter replaced about a month ago. The sound isnt coming from the fuel pump. Thanks

Exhaust is the first place I’d look. Don’t forget to include the exhaust header in that inspection.

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