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1996 Geo Prizm "Popcorn maker"

Hey everyone.

So I own a 1996 Geo Primz LSI and my car since Tuesday of this week has been a noise. This noise happens when I accelerate or idle at a light. Hard to describe the noise but sound like a damn popcorn maker when I’m driving. Never heard this before and wondering about solutions to fix. I just recently had my cigarette light outlet fix and this been happening since I left two places in Wheeling WV. Any ideas or advice been super helpful.

Without hearing the noise or you providing a better description… my best advice to to take it to an independent auto shop (not a chain) and have them listen. Expect a fee for diagnostic time that may be waived if you have it fixed there.

Exhaust leak!!!


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Might be a cracked exhaust manifold, or broken/missing exhaust hardware

Not exhaust manifold because that was replaced within the beginning of this year. Some been thinking it might be one of exhaust heat shield that could be making the noise.

The 7A-FE motor in this car does have a knock sensor