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Poor "ride" on Toyota Venza

The Venza fills my selection criteria except for the poor ride (too hard) that is reported in most reviews. Can selecting the smaller wheels, different tire brand/profile, adjusting the shocks or getting after market shocks improve the ride?


It has that potential, yes, but whether or not it will improve the ride sufficiently for your tastes is an unknown until you try it.

Generally speaking, smaller wheels and larger tires (overall tire height) will lead to a somewhat softer ride, but not by much. You’re limited some because you need to maintain the overall tire height so as not to change the speedometer/odometer gearing.

To smooth out the ride, you’ll want softer springs, and those aren’t likely to be cheap. The Venza is a small car, and light. Most small cars have a slightly harsher ride than a bigger car. It’s the nature of the beast. Try out a few others for comparison.


Find another crossover that meets your criteria. Try a Ford edge if you have not already.

“Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy The Play ?”
"The Venza fills my selection criteria except for the poor ride (too hard) . . . "

Sometimes one little flaw can negate the whole ball of wax.
As others have suggested, if ride is important then keep looking and choose something else.


What size tires and wheels are on it now?? It’s the middle number, the aspect ratio, that affects ride quality. If that number is 55 or below, the ride gets progressively harsher…Tires with an aspect ratio of 60,65,70,75 will ride much better…

Do you ever check the tire pressure? Do you follow the pressure recommendation posted on the car’s door pillar? Or do you max it out to what the sidewall of the tire says is the “max cold”?

Change The Ride And You May Create Poor Handling. I Don’t Think The Poor Ride Was Sought After By The Car’s Designers, But More Than Likely A Compromise.


I Get The Impression That Dave Doesn’t Own One, But Is Rather “Kicking Tires” And Reading Reviews, Trying To Find A New Car That Meets His Needs And Desires.


Only way for you to tell is for you to test drive one with the smallest size wheels available. The reviews might have been written based on the larger wheels, those are always firmer riding regardless of car brand. Toyotas are normally known for a smooth ride, so this is surprising. Find out for yourself.

Good point. I sort of missed that spin the first time thru.

It looks like there are no wheel/tire options for he Venza. If one of them is uncomfortable, all will be.

“The Venza is a small car”


If the ride is bad enough that you don’t like it, it is unlikely that any maginal improvements will make you happy. Look for a different vehicle.

Take a test drive in the Venza and see what you think. If possible, you might even want to rent one and drive it for a couple of days. You will be the one will be riding in your purchase–not the reviewers.

Ride quality is a comparative judgement. I prefer a firmer ride. When I thought my Corvair rode hard, I would go drive my 1950 Chevrole 1 ton pickup. When I would get back in the Corvair, it rode like a Cadillac. If I wanted the Chevrolet pickup to ride more smoothly, I would get on the Farmall F-12 and disk a field. When I would get back into the pickup, it was the smoothest riding vehicle on the planet.

As other eluded to, ride quality is a personal preference. My wife has been driving a Venza for nearly 2 years now and loves it. Take one for a long test drive.

I’ve always found larger wheels to be a smoother ride…ESPECIALLY going over pot-holes…

Crap. I was thinking Versa. Got my wired crossed. Happens sometimes, I’m far from perfect…like most of us. However, the rest is still accurate. He should just find another that fits his needs, rather than spend lots of money to achieve what would arguably be only minor to modest improvements in the ride, and most assuredly at some cost to handling.

Not true when you mount 35-45 aspect ratio tires on those 20" wheels…They look like forklift tires and they ride like forklift tires…One good pot-hole and both the tire and wheel are gone…

I thnk he actually meant wheels as tires, as opposed to rims. Well, that’s how I took it, anyway.