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Poor gas mileage

I have a 2001 vw golf 1.8l turbo automatic. According to everything I have read I should be getting at least 20 mpg in the city. I am currently getting 13 mpg. I have new filters spark plugs and even cleaned the mass air flow sensor. Any suggestions?

City driving varies a great deal. What the EPA considers “city” driving is generally good traffic flow with occasional stops. If you’re doing a lot of stop and go or taking short trips, your mileage will be lower even than the lower end of the city rating.

You might consider taking the car on a roadtrip in the country to check your highway mileage, which is usually more consistent. If you get close to the EPA highway rating, you can safely say that your car is working fine.

Congestion that has you waiting several light cycles to get through an intersection can really kill your gas mileage because you spend a lot of time idling away your fuel and when you are moving, it’s mostly a first gear parade.
If you are getting that kind of gas mileage in light city traffic, maybe it’s just time to realize that your foot dosn’t have to be either on the gas pedal or the brake pedal ALL THE TIME.

While I suspect the problem is as the two prior replies have indicated. However after your next drive, get out of the car and hold your hand close to (but do not touch) each wheel. Are any of them hotter than the rest? When was the last time you replaced the plugs, wires and air cleaner? Have you had and CELs? How are you measuring your mileage?

damn i have a 95 dodge 2500 van that gets about 15mpg city driving with a 5.2 318. something doesnt sound right about this problem.

How long have you had it? Has the mileage taken a nose dive, or has it always been like this? What do you get on a long highway haul? Have you had the computer read for problem codes?

Problem with turbo auto 4-cyls - they can drink gas if driven aggressively. That’s why a long highway run will determine if it’s your driving style/traffic conditions, or if it’s the car.

Any suggestions?

How about driving slower…No jack rabbit starts…