2005 Dodge Grand Caravan - Gas Mileage


The gas mileage on this Van stinks! I’m only getting 17 miles to the gallon, if I’m lucky. Do you have any advice on how to improve it? (Yes, I’ve done all the regular stuff - air in the tires, clean air filter, etc.)


17 mpg is the updated EPA rating for city. Sounds normal if your driving is mostly in town or traffic.


(Yes, I’ve done all the regular stuff - air in the tires, clean air filter, etc.)

Something is missing there. The most important thing is missing there. Your driving style. I suspect if I were driving your van I would do a lot better than 17 and if you were driving my car you would get far less than the 45-63 that I get.

The most important safety feature and economy tool is that nut behind the wheel.


We have an '05 Grand Caravan with 60K and consistently get MPG in the low 20’s city driving and mid to high 20’s highway per the readout on the information center panel. Will take to independent garage for its first tune up this summer.


The information center panal is never correct. Don’t believe a number it tells you. It may be in the ballpark range but this is just an estimate on what your computer is telling it what it should be getting with the amount of fuel in the tank and the pressure you are applying to the fuel pedal. Your best bet is to figure it out yourself by filling the tank from almost empty and divide the number of miles driven from last fill-up by the number of gallons put in the tank. That will give you your average fuel mileage.