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Poor FL boy needs help getting his only vehicle running :)

I checked and rechecked and rechecked…checked fuel pump kill switch, ran 12v and gnd to the fuel pump (it works), installed new ccrm, cleaned maf sensor…checked for power at coil packs(it’s there)…no fuses blown since new ccrm went in…but still no start. I found power with a test light on one side of the plug on three different pins going to the ccrm. I did pull and remove the PCM/eecv during troubleshooting…I’m now wondering if the part failing or troubleshooting has caused a pats problem. I noticed that the theft like blinks fast after a sec or two of key forward…I know the kam memory has been interrupted…if the key is not recognized will it kill the ignition and power to the fuel pump? The only bad part or wire I had found after three weeks of searching is only the ccrm that was definately cooked. I find it hard to believe that the pats system is so undefeatable without throwing money at in some way or another that I don’t have right now. I am close to giving up…

Just found that it is flashing out code 1-6…take it to dealer basicly…there seem to be ppl that know how to disable in under two minutes but they don’t wanna share info for crime reasons I guess…:frowning: