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Bad Fuel Pump? 04 Mustang GT

I started the car in the supermarket parking lot, then I heard some buzzing, kind of like when you prime the fuel pump, but always on. I drove away and didn’t think anything about it. I got home with an insane smell of burnt plastic/electrical wires, even some smoke inside the interior. Once I shut the car off, I started the car and it ran like crap. Tried a couple more times and now it won’t run. It cranks but won’t start. I don’t hear the fuel pump “buzz” when I turn the ignition, so the fuel pump isn’t working, but do bad fuel pumps smell that bad? Or is it something electrical leading to the fuel pump? Please Help.


Please someone help, I need this car for work and I’ve had many other electrical problems with it… I’m so frustrated.

The fuel pump is sealed inside the gas tank. So it’s not the fuel pump you smelled burning up.

Something electrical fried somewhere. And if there was smoke inside the interior, it probably happened under the dash.

Unless you’re able to trace down electrical circuits where the vehicle sits, it needs to be towed to a shop.


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It smelled from the back seat area though. This car has fried so many electrical things I’m about to sell this thing and get rid of a problem.

Is this a flood vehicle?


No, I was involved in an accident where the radiator broke causing coolant to spray everywhere, although I don’t think that would be enough to cause so many electrical problems.

Good advice

I’m very frustrated, because I’ve been in and out of shops constantly. First my instrument cluster lights were faulty (due to a short), then my turn signals were not working (due to shortS), and now my fuel pump isn’t running. I’m pretty dispirited when it comes to this car and I’m thinking of just getting rid of it, which saddens me but I’ve been pretty down lately…

It sounds like the accident did more than make the radiator leak!!!

I’d disconnect the battery and have it towed to a good shop.


Found the problem! Many wires under the carpet were down to bare copper! Also found out the previous owner was pretty sketchy, about 2 feet of wire completely melted, melting the supporting plastic as well. I’ll prob replace the whole harness or the whole rear end wiring, lets see…

Now the question is, why didn’t the fuse that protects that circuit blow, instead of the wires burning up?


That’s a good question, this whole car is weird, not sure I’m keeping it.