Poor connection?

I tried to change out the small light in my trunk. This light is an elongated little lamp that sits in a cradle connection bracket – like a roll of tissue paper on a roller. One end is connected to the connector bracket with a green/white wire. The other end connector is attached to a red wire. The light will not burn unless I make connection with the actual metal connector in some way by touching the body of the car (trunk lid). The light will come on, and there is sometimes a small spark. I cannot always make this happen, but if the light burns, it is only when the connector is touching the metal of the trunk lid. What can I do to repair so light will burn as intended – when trunk opens? Thanks!

Sounds like a bad ground connection in the bulb or socket to me. If you have a volt ohm meter, It was a little unclear in your description, You will get 12 volts by checking green/white and ground or red to ground with the switch activated. Once you have identified the positive lead you can check the other lead on the ohms setting, to see if you have a proper ground.