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Connecting wires for trailer lights

I know this is not car-related but I still need your help. I have a 4 x 8 mesh open trailer. My left light was smashed in and I replaced the light but not sure if the right way to connect the wires is to use wire nuts or just twist the wires together and use electrical tape? I am connecting the new trailer light to the wiring currently on the trailer. Can you suggest good and safe way to connect the lights? Thanks!

I think the best way would to be solder and shrink tube. Wire nuts and/or electrical tape will eventually let moisture and road crap in.

I agree with PvtPublic, solder and shrink tubing.

Solder and shrink tube is the best but on the other hand I have connected my same trailer lights with wire nuts and have had no problems and its been 9 years! One of these days I’ll get around to doing it right…

Now i am having grounding issues…the new light i installed is now causing the car’s lights to dim very low until i unplug the trailer wiring. I disconnected the new light’s wires and the other lights work great. I think its something related to the original mounting holes…Im thinking I may have to drill 2 new mounting holes and see if that will solve the grounding issue…unless someone else has better advice?

Instead of relying on the mounting bolts for ground, install a real ground wire in addition to the mounts. Re-check all the trailer wiring for bad grounds and connections, there may be more and the extra from the new light may be just the last straw so to speak.

Make sure you don’t have the stop and tail light wires crossed to the new light.