I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Se v6 and I took it to the dealership to get an accurate diagnosis on it they said all the plugs and wires were bad, so I had them all changed got the oil changed and new air filter and my car is still doing the same thing it was prior to all of this. If i drive it for a while or just let it idle for a long period of time and turn it off wait 20-30 min then try to start it again, it wont start, or it may start but it spurts and sputters and shakes and then dies and I wont be able to start it again for at least 2 hours. Any suggestions

When was the last time that the fuel filter was changed?
Did the dealership check for leaking fuel injectors?
Did they check the fuel pressure regulator?

They hooked up to the diagnosis machine and they did a 23 point inspection on it, the fuel filter is next to be changed the problem now is that my ses light is no longer on! I had it checked at our autozone and all the guy told me that day was that the code read that the system was too lean, I guess now i have to wait for the ses light to come back on!

ses light is now back on so I will be taking it to autozone here in a lil while after I let it cool down, I know if I go back out there to start it, it won’t start. Thanks for your help.

How many miles on it??


got the car checked and the code P0171 came up soooo now gonna replace the O2 sensor, and go from there.

Why are you replacing the O? sensor? P0171 does not say "Replace O? sensor. It is telling you it is not getting a proper reading, but that need not be the O? sensor.

So what would you suggest I do? I’m just going by what the reading said it could be, starting with the cheapest route.

You took your car to get an accurate diagnosis of what? if it was the starting problem do you not feel that the diagnosis was not so accurate as you still have the problem?

I know codes will vary from car to car but I am fimiliar with autozone. Our expedition was putting out a PO171 code and another PO17-something and this meant the the LEFT engine bank was running lean, inadequate fuel supply. Something in my gut also wonders about the IAC valve, Idle-Air Control Valve. You’d have to rev it up to keep it running…may not be a factor.
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