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Pontiac Vibe comments?

Does anyone have anything positive or negative to say about a 2009 Pontiac Vibe ?

It has been said before. No matter how many vehicles you ask about having a mechanical inspection is the only thing that will help you decide.


I tried one out back then and didn’t like it. I didn’t like the ride or the way it drove. I think these were made by Toyota in a joint GM/Toyota plant. The plant is now closed so parts may be somewhat of an issue.

Toyota Matrix, I think. And I think that Vibe has been discontinued.

Yep. I’ve got to get it down to one or two for him to look at.

The Vibe is fun to drive, if you have a manual transmission. Take off is slow, due to it being a Corolla in disguise. The Vibe holds plenty of cargo with the rear seat down. Also, being a Corolla, the Vibe is pretty reliable.

Vibe is a Matrix underneath so should be fairly reliable

The Matrix also discontinued .

The joint plant in California was shut down some years ago so no one is making them anymore.

Teslas are made there now.

I read that Tesla is working on a solar-powered vehicle. Yay!

Whether it’s clothes or vehicles, it’s frustrating that things that work and/or fit get discontinued.

Even if a vehicle is successful, reliable and sells well, it won’t be in production forever

Technology moves on, time moves on, styling changes, etc.

So every vehicle will eventually be canceled

To be sure, even if the Pontiac Vibe or Matrix were still being built, it wouldn’t be the old model you’re looking at. It would be the next generation, or maybe even the one after that

IMO Henry Ford made a mistake by keeping his Model T in production for as long as he did. It was innovative at the beginning. But the last few years of its production run, it was badly outdated, from what I understand.

If crazy old Henry had listened to his son (Edsel), and his engineers, the T would have been replaced about 5 years earlier. By delaying a competitive, modern replacement vehicle, he allowed GM to get the sales-jump on his company, and, as a result, he was forever in second place afterward.

Yeah if it wasn’t for Edsel they’d probably still be selling the Model T instead of a Focus.

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Are you saying that it’s good thing or bad thing that they are selling the Focus in place of the “T”? :blush:

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Unless it’s named “Corolla”. Things could change, but the Corolla has been in production since 1966; 1991 as a compact car. I can’t imagine when Toyota might want to drop the car or the name.

Fine, then let’s get technical

Even though the name Corolla has been around for several decades, the Corolla being offered for sale now is NOT the same one offered for sale all those years ago, when the name first appeared

The particular Corolla I had was an AE102, I believe, and 1997 was the last model year for that. So I’m not wrong to say that while the name on the trunk lid may stay the same, the actual car ceases production at some point, and another replaces it . . . a completely different car, at that . . . but it’s called Corolla

There can be no winners

Because we’re both right