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Pontatic sunfire

im workin on a 98 sunfire, the turn signals were not working, replaced hazard relay, multifunction sitch. have turn sig. in front, but not rear. taillights come on, but no turn or hazards in rear, whats left to replace?

I can send you a wiring diagram if you can follow it. I would guess you have a bad ground somewhere. This one should’t be too hard to figure out. If you want that WD, include your email.
After reviewing the wiring diagram, it looks like the yellow and dark green wires coming out of your multifunction switch plug are the two wires that go to the rear stop and turn signal lamps. They go straight to the bulbs. No junctions, no stops or nothing. When your brake switch is closed (brakes pressed), 12v goes to both wires at the same time. When the selector switch is moved to the right signal, then the dk green wire get the 12v. Left signal, the yellow wire gets the 12v. The front signal lights get the same power source, (from the relay, not the MFS) so the only place there is a difference is the contacts inside the multi-fuction switch. Everything points to a (another) bad multi-function switch, providing your lamps are not burned out and the sockets are in good shape.

the 2.2, yes please it would be helpful, thank you

thank you so much, you saved me hours worth of hunting, much appreciated,