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Polythene like skin is peeling off

It’s the exposure to direct sunlight that does the paint damage more than the heat. Try to keep your car parked in the shade whenever it’s possible; don’t worry about birds in the trees, birds cause much less damage to the paint than the sun. Keeping the surface free of grit is helpful too. If possible spray your car off with a garden hose once or twice a week to remove the dust/sand that accumulates on the paint. And wax your car with an easy to apply wax twice a year. Doing all that will help deter that problem from recurring, once you get it repaired. And it doesn’t take much time.

Well, southern California has plenty of sunlight, even if it’s not quite as hot as Saudi Arabia

Northern Virginia. It’s enough sun to bake it during summer and enough salt on the roads to get it rust during [what we call] winter… eh-eh…

early-2000s Sentra my daughter used to own was peeling like crazy well before 10 years old

2006 Pathfinder I have now is perfectly good so far, knock on wood

the rest of cars are too new to expect any peeling yet

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What are the temperatures during the hottest months of the year?

it gets to 100-ish late July/August, all-time record is something like 110, but it is humid.
took me few years to adapt after milder Pennsylvania climate.
probably nowhere close to Saudi Arabia :slight_smile:

San Jose gets a lot of sunlight too, but the temperatures aren’t hot at all most of the time. Hottest temp of the day mid-summer is only occasionally above 85. But the cars here are quite susceptible to that same peeling problem the OP shows. A neighbor of mine had a Mazda that really had it bad. That car was usually parked on the street in full sun, seldom washed, and never waxed. The weird thing was they had an empty garage, but the neighbor didn’t want to put the car in it, b/c it took longer if they were in a hurry to depart.

Here it’s often WELL into the 100s in October . . . ! :sweat:

110 wouldn’t be a record here :frowning_face:

Dry heat :desert:

Personally, I prefer dry heat over high heat + high humidity

It is unusual for the clear coat on a white car to peel after 7 years, that is commonly seen on dark colored cars (black, dark blue).
I suspect the affected panels have been repainted, there is a quality problem with the clear coat or application.