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Polythene like skin is peeling off

I’ve Hyundai Sonata 2011 and I’m 2nd owner of this car. I’m living in Saudi Arabia, here mostly we’ve hot weather but couple of weeks ago it rained a lot and after rain, I noticed a Polythene like skin is peeling off from the trunk and from the roof. I’ve no idea what’s this, perhaps the previous owner wrapped it for color safety? Take a look at the attached picture.IMG_0689

Looks to me like your clearcoat is failing. It’s a transparent layer that’s put on when the paint is still a little bit wet. It bonds to the paint and protects it from damage. That can happen in really hot climates with intense sun. We see that over here in the USA in desert areas too. To fix it properly, it should be sanded down to the metal and re-painted.

To prevent it in the future, try to park in the shade.

I am a little surprised that a 7 year old car is already peeling that badly, but you don’t know how the person who owned it before you treated it so it’s hard to say why.

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I live in Los Angeles . . . not exactly the coolest part of the country . . . and I’ve seen a few 7 year old cars with peeling clearcoat. It’s not that rare, at least not here

So, considering OP lives in Saudi Arabia, I’ll bet cars with peeling clearcoat are not uncommon there, either

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that makes me wonder… if getting your car paint waxed/sealed regularly delays such a clear-coat damage or only gets the owner to feel better “to do something about it”

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Here’s something to consider . . .

I’ve owned cars that got washed and waxed very regularly . . . several times a year

And they STILL lost their clearcoat

To sum it up, sometimes you can literally do everything right, and bad things still happen

just finished coating all my family cars before winter, read your comment…

today is not a cheerful day :frowning:

Look, I’m not saying it will happen to your cars, as well

It might, or it might not

I have no idea where you live, or what climate you’re in

I’ve also known people that do everything right, and the clearcoat lasts

The vehicle doesn’t need to be sanded down to bare metal to repair the clear coat.

Here’s a video on how to repair the clear coat.


The clearcoat of my '87 pickup wore off a long time ago. I suspect it wasn’t just the hot sun of California deserts but also the sandstorms, which Saudi Arabia may also have. I haven’t replaced it. As long as I keep on top of bare metal to make sure there’s no rust, it’ll last as long. Of course it’s non-beautiful.

Thank you guys for your explanations and time. Yes, because of flat/apartment-residence, people usually park their cars in streets and I also have to, unless, luckily if I find a place in some shade but shadows of buildings here come at the cost of pigeons’ poop, lol. And yes we do have all those deserty things like sand, sandstorms, dry weather and scorching sun to their extremes.


Whether or not you need to take it down to bare metal, the car still needs to be repainted. That means primer sealer, base color coat, and then clear coat. No other way to fix peeling clear coat. But you think it gets hot in California? Try Saudi Arabia.

The eastern Cali and Arizona deserts get quite hot, too. 120F is not unheard of. I went to Phoenix for business, and it was 105 at 9pm, after the sun went down.

Looks like a rock guard protection film was put on.the body panel.My entire hood is covered with a transparent film to protect against rocks and road grime. A lot of car manufacturer don’t even put a clearcoat on white cars because its a solid color. Toyota has no clear on solid color cars…don’t know about Hyundai.

I never made any such claim

But the climate here is brutal on car paint

Just a few hundred years ago, before the area was heavily populated and industrialized, it was a desert. Just because there’s buildings and concrete, doesn’t mean it isn’t still a desert. Mother nature doesn’t really care about buildings and concrete. The winds and temperature are still there

Interesting that you think that. Personally, it looks like peeling clearcoat to me. In fact, it looks like any number of vehicles in my neighborhood. Do you live in a climate where peeling clearcoat is not common?

Regardless of how careful you are putting that film on, you can always see the edge and is a dust collector, not to mention expensive.

99.9% of vehicles manufactured come from the factory with a clear coat finish.

The reason being is the clear coat not only protects the base coat, but the clear coat also provides UV protection to the base coat, preventing fading.

The only exception where vehicles might not have a clear coat finish is where vehicles are bought as fleet vehicles.

I’ve painted vehicles for over thirty years, and I’ve yet not seen a modern vehicle without a clear coat finish.


For years now, here in Wisconsin I’ve seen many cars that the clear coat is pealed off on much of the hoods, trunks and roofs of cares.
It doesn’t seem to matter the make or model either.

I think that it is a poorer quality paint that is used now days. I don’t ever remember seeing that on the cars built before the 1980s.


The clear coat paint system was first introduced in 1985.


Well…That explains that!!!

I heard from someone that the paints are of poorer quality because of environmental concerns so the better paints are frowned upon in the automotive industry.


All the new paints are water base. Not solvent base.

Better for the environment.

It just takes different equipment/techniques to apply it correctly.

But looking at the OP’s image, it appears there was a contaminate on the surface of the base coat prior to applying the clear coat.