Paint Sun Burn

I have a 1995 Ford F-150 4 x 4 which has been in the desert sun for 15 years without shade. The paint is sunburned on the metal and the fiberglass camper shell. Is there a simple way to clean this up? Like using fine rubbing compound? Or is this year the benefit of a clear coat which will impede the simple oxidation clean up?

I would say a respray is your best bet.

Sounds like the clearcoat itself is gone

I see that a lot in the mountains in Mexico. Usually GM but sometimes Ford. I was warned to get my Sienna in a garage, but after many years it hasn’t changed color at all, and we now have a carport for it.

Try some rubbing compound, see if it helps. But it probably won’t.

I used to live in the high desert of Arizona. Cars and trucks up there without carports or garages always had peeling clear coat paint. I think clear coat manufacturers should spend a little time in the desert and formulate a clear coat that will withstand that kind of heat. I know it won’t happen but it doesn’t hurt to ask.