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Pollen - Road Safety Risk!

Yesterday while slowly pulling out of a local home improvement store’s parking lot my Toyota Tacoma slid uncontrollably all over the road. Granted the bed was empty but for a bag of Weed & Feed but I have driven this vehicle for 9 years and never had this experience before. I believe it was because of the pollen that is EVERYWHERE and a rain shower that had just occurred. Is it possible that because I live in the allergy capital of the U.S., Knoxville TN that pollen poses a road safety risk or is it just that Tennesseans can’t drive?

More people should be made aware of this possible danger so I thought I’d throw this out there.

Has it been a long time since it rained? Often, oils in/on the road surface become very slippery just after it rains after a long dry spell.

In addition to what mleich stated, I hope the OP realizes that a pickup truck without a significant load in its bed has poor traction to begin with. Then, throw in some other factors (oil, dew, pollen), and the poor traction becomes really noticeable.

" Then, throw in some other factors (oil, dew, pollen)"


Yup, pollen!
Wet leaves can act like grease also.

How worn down are your tires?

I had a small pickup, precursor to the Tacoma. Lousy traction at a hint of anything. As I put less than 10k per year on the car bought all four tires, a compromise between snow tires and all season tires called mud grips. They were great in winter rain and pollen.