2007 Toyota Camry - Trouble in the rain

My 2007 Camry runs great except when I’m on the highway and it rains. The car will shake and violently swerve side to side when the roadway is wet and go above 55 MPH. The shaking feels a bit like I have a flat and the swerving like I’m hydroplaning. It is clearly the wet roadway because if the pavement changes from smooth the rougher the problem goes away. I asked the previous owners (my in-laws) if they ever noticed it, they said no. The tires are fairly new, maybe 15K miles with still lots of tread. I gotta figure out what the issue is. It scared me sh*tless last week driving on I-93 to NH from the North Shore.
Ray, Please help!

Have no idea if Ray ever answers here . But this is a serious problem that needs a qualified shop to look at . The first guess is that these tires are just old and have become too hard to provide good traction or even they might be over inflated .

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+1 for @VOLVO_V70 Mileage of tires is not age. Time is age. Tires get harder as they get older and lose traction, especially in the wet.