Police show off three cars seized from "dangerous" traffic offenders

It would be a shame if someone’s Hemi Charger got crushed, but you’ve got a big heart, you could let the hooligans use your Pontiac.

Yes…just the confiscation part. News organizations wouldn’t have reported on it if it wasn’t abused. From what I remember there were HUNDREDS of vehicles nation wide with very questionable circumstances.

An LEO friend wanted a big SUV. I told her just pull over any Escalade
with rims greater than 20 inches, you will find a way to confiscate it, then you will have your SUV.

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100% agree, at least pull the engine/trans and harness out of it… It could be retrofitted in an old /6 Duster etc for a (many options) track car/truck… That way it would have somewhat better emissions than a normal build… But never crush something like that could be recycled for good use… Now a V6 one, don’t care what they do with it… lol

Even a 10 yo Escalade come with 18"-20" and 22" factory wheels… lol

What did she say?

Confiscation is too extreme for me. Impounding it and charging UCR impound fees would probably accomplish the goal. The car gets impounded regardless of who was driving it. That teaches owners not to lend out their cars to people that will break the laws. First offense= 1 month impound. Second offense= 6 months impound. Probably no need for third offense…

The tenth amendment of the constitution requires due process of law. I do believe that most of these confiscations are unconstitutional unless they are approved by a judge. Impounding pending trial is OK as that is evidence.

An ordinance allows Colorado Springs to impound a vehicle for one year with a court order. The news article below describes the drivers targeted and the process.

The Colorado Springs Gazette final

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That’s part of it but the $70 a day is unreasonable unless parked in the ramp in a major city. So again who gets the impound fee? The city, towing company? Normally impounded cars are parked in an open field with a fence and maybe one attendant fir all the cars.

Edit: I don’t know where the $70 came from. Didn’t actually see it in any of the sketchy and poorly written articles.

We have the two issues. Getting the hoodlums off the street and the whole Impounding issue. Yes impounding is appropriate as evidence for trial but after that there is no legitimate reason.

Secondly the bank has no interest provided payments are made and insurance maintained. If not then they know where to get the cars, and should be released unless needed as evidence.

These are sticky issues. And there have been cases where a relative borrowed a car and in a dui or other offense, the car is lost. I think there was a case in Indiana where a guy had substantial cash legitimately and lost not only the cash but the $40,000 suv, without being charged or convicted of a crime. That’s my issue.

Ok I’m done. No point repeating everything. By the by, the Minneapolis police are down 180 officers and the council refuses to change anything. So yeah they are outnumbered and outgunned, but the public just re-elected the same bozos. Reminds me of Tony boza if some remember him when soft on crime started years ago.

Just laughed, bought a Nissan Armada after haggling with dealership for six months.

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Ok, got it. I’m starting to come around on this.

Sorry but I think that confication is just common sense. Overly simplistic but if Mom caught me misusing the Xmas BB gun you could be darned sure that it would be confiscated “until I was old enough to use it responsibly”.

This case this elevates it to a whole new level because what these street racers are doing is just plain dangerous to themselves, others and illegal so you’re going to give them back their “toy” to turn around to do it again?
And on a practical level what’s the alternative? Points on their license, suspended license or a hefty fine? Like that’s really going to stop this. Even worse, assuming that there were no actual injuries, a stint in Juvenile Hall which will cost us all and do nobody no good?

Bottom line, confiscation for a year and the associated costs does just enough to insure that these immature folks (whatever their actual age) “get a time out” to grew up.

Am sure the local police department would love to know about this. Have you reported it?