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I recently made a long trip over just a few days - 500 miles day one, 350 miles day two, nothing on day three and then all 850 home on day four. I saved up podcasts from several different shows, including yours, to listen to on the way since radio stations are sometimes hard to find as you drive across Wyoming & Nebraska.

On the first day I started off by listening to two of your shows and then moved on to some other podcasts for the remainder of the day. Same thing on the second day, started with two episodes of Car Talk and then on to others. On the drive home, just two days later I listened to 14 consecutive episodes of your show and I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is the brain damage permanent?
  2. Does this count as some kind of child abuse since my 15 yr old son was in the car with me?


Who ever came up with the Idea of podcast, thank you. No more missed shows, company on a long trip.