PO492 Secondary Air Injection


01 BMW x5 3.0 need help bad this is my foot doctores car. Pump work fine in cold start for one minute which is right. I put new comi bi valve vacum is good on cold start. But MIL light still come on this has me. Only thig left is vacum selednoid.



This article says that there is a 50 amp fuse under the passenger’s seat which was blown which was the source of this fellow’s problem: whhttp://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=774711. (click on this url). I did a very quick scan. If you want the whole story, go there and read it. If you google: BMW P0492, you will get several hits. I’m sure one of them will help you. P0492 reads out as, “Secondary Air Injection System (Bank 2).” What does THIS mean? The engine is a V6. It has an exhaust on each side. The engine computer is saying that one side (bank) has a problem. HOW would the engine computer know? The bank 2 oxygen sensor(s)? What if bank 1 oxygen sensor(s) are telling the engine computer everything is hunky-dory when it’s not? You could switch the oxygen sensors, from bank to bank, to see if the trouble code changed to P0491.