if the car will not crank, but the radio and everything else works what would be the problem on a plymouth


what year? By “not crank” do you mean the starter won’t turn, or that the starter turns but the car doesn’t start? Does it ever start?


Battery is the first guess. Even though radio works…it doesn’t draw anywhere near the amount of current the starter does.

Check the Battery cables and connectors. If find it could be the battery or the starter or alternator.


Does the starter selenoid click (on) when the starter switch is engaged?


this car was built special it was called TDIN . used only saturday nights for drive in theaters. no need to go any place just lesson
to movie over radio.


What did this guy just say?


Could be ALOT of problems.

Ignition switch might be worn out.
Bad Starter Solenoid.
Bad Starter.
Bad Cables between the battery and the starter.
Bad cables between the starter solenoid and the starter.
Bad wiring between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid.
Bad ECU.
Bad park/neutral safety switch (if automatic transmission)
Bad Neutral or Clutch safety switch (if manual transmission)
Bad Battery.
Broken engine internals that prevent the engine from turning over when the starter engages the flywheel.

So there’s a couple of items it can be.
And this doesn’t just apply to Plymouths, either.
This applies to all vehicles with internal combustion engines.

So, unless you feed us more information, we can’t actually answer your question.



I believe his post went to the wrong question. He was talking about the drive-in theater where you set the radio to a particular station and you get the sound on your radio. But you knew that. I reply to anything, even when they’re kidding.