Plymouth Neon

We have a 2000 Plymouth neon. It has been sputtering and nearly stalls when idling. I changed the plus and plug wires, this did help. However, it still does it, unti I push down on the wires. It seems that they are to short. Are their longer plug wires. (not the wire itself but the tube that goes over the plug…

Buy a wire set made for that engine, lay them out to each plug to ensure you have the correct length for each one.

I trust you installed OEM plugs (gapped correctly).

The other thing to worry about is that you got the wires onto the plugs correctly. You don’t just slide the boot over the end of the plug. You need to push them on until they click. This can be a little tricky - just wiggle and push until you feel it click onto the end.

In case you didn’t you should also run a little dialectric grease around the inside of the boot - helps seal them from moisture & keeps them from getting stuck onto the plug.