Please recomend a paint sprayer

Greetings and salutations. I would like your input on buying a paint sprayer.
I have a small battery powered air brush and a large compressor powered Kobalt 220964 spray gun from lowes/or home depot from 10 years ago…
I am looking for something in between. Looking for a “large size touch up” type of work; like applying UV coat to headlight or similar size application (up to like 1 car door size). Would like to buy a decent quality unit, but don’t know what to get. Battery powered would be super awesome, but compressor powered will do as well. Trying to avoid buying a piece of crap, since being an in-between unit it will probably end-up being my go-to unit. Would like a 3oz-4oz or there about paint cup/bottle size; have a large cup on Kobalt and tiny cup on airbrush already… I am thinking gravity feed, because i can put as small of an amount in that as i need, rather than filling up a bottle to some required height for siphon to work.

Thanks ahead

Sorry I can not be of any help, I appreciate your post for the succinctness and details.

The quality of the paint can make a big difference. Don’t get the cheapest. I know nothing about spray gun quality but I saw what good painters can do with a Binks gun about 1979. Man! 42 years and it seems like yesterday.

What you describe is called a touch-up spray gun. Forget electrics, younown a compressor, go for air. DeVilbiss is a top brand but I have a cheap gun I bought years ago that works just great. Look for Campbell-Hausfeld for a reasonable cost quality alternative.

For headlights I’d use an Iwata spray gun. Awesome gun, runs on a very small compressor. My wife uses it for airbrushing stuff and she raves about it.

That said, I wouldn’t bother UV spraying headlights. Just give 'em a coat of good car wax every few months and they’ll do just fine.

I’ve got 2 Binks guns that are 40 years old and still work like new. One large gun and a touch up gun. The HVLP guns work great and in today’s world that’s what I would go for now.

Since this is a seldom used type of thing I might take a chance on a cheaper gun instead of big bucks on Binks. They show a touch up HVLP gun at over 500 bucks which makes it cringeworthy for a low use DIY tool.
Horrible Freight shows some on the cheap. Test shoot a sample subject and it goes on clean then have at it. If it shoots lousy return it and step up to a higher level gun. I do know someone who shot a few things with a HF gun and it came out well.

Agreed; skip the electrics and spraying the headlamps.

I m thinking DeVilBiss STARTINGLINE HVLP Spray Gun for Painting Control 1.3mm Gravity Feed Paint Gun with 600milliliter Plastic Cup from Amazon for $89.99
what do you think?
Side note, i also do large format photo printing, which i sometimes cover with spray on varnish, so the gun may end-up getting used for that too… need a good quality mist, no large drops…