2003 Toyota Camry won't start after engine stopped while driving

I’ve been having several issues with my Camry. I was able to start my Camry just fine these past few days, but my open door indicator light sometimes shows up, and sometimes none of my lights show up when I attempt to start my car. I had it jump started, and I noticed sparks from the jumper cable when clamping them on. However, my car ended up dying when I went to a stop. I had trickle-charged my car for 16 hours with 2 amps two days prior because it was unable to start.

When I turn my key, no sound is made, but the lights might flicker. I noticed my engine becoming weaker/quieter while driving, and it eventually stopped running. I couldn’t start my car, but my warning lights worked for a few minutes. After several minutes, I could start my car again and was able to drive to a parking lot. After that, I wasn’t able to start it again… I can’t determine if it’s the alternator or something else. Any advice is appreciated.

It’s similar to this: 2001 Toyota camry acts like it won’t start and then barely starts. The weather’s been below freezing if that is any help.

Have your battery tested. It’s called a load test or conductance test. It could be the battery post connections too, so make sure they are clean and tight.

The door open light might be related to a failing battery, or a door switch is faulty. At idle in the driveway, try opening and closing the doors one by one and see if the dome light comes on like it should when the door is opened.