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Please help with my subaru

Ok i’m not very mechanically inclined and need some advice. I have a 91 subaru legacy AWD. Last winter the end of my drive shaft twisted off so i had only front wheel drive. Because i’m a tight wad i let the problem go and drove it for about 7 months until the big gear ground a hole through the pumpkin. Now the back end bounces and makes a horrible racket, and when i deliver pizzas people take cover for fear of being hit by shrapnel. my question is if i take out the whole rear end and make it exclusively a front wheel drive car will the back wheels fall off? This car has been through a lot and has 261000 miles and i feel bad for abusing it. Is it worth replacing the rear end? Please help.

It’s easier to buy another running heap. A 91 car is the easiest thing in the world to replace. Drive the next one until something falls off, then replace.

You’ll need to find a mechanically-inclined friend to see if you can safely remove something to stop the noise. Certainly not worth replacing anything, at 261k miles something else is sure to go. Could be time for the junkyard…

Subaru made a front wheel drive only Legacy. If you got the rear suspension from one of those from the salvage yard, some brawn, and tools, you could swap out one for the other, probably. Have the salvage yard check the Hollander’s Interchangeable Parts catalog, to be sure.