Subaru troubles

I have a 95 subaru legacy sedan(automatic). Reciently it has had a problem in reverse. The whole rear end of the car stutters. In drive it shifts smoothly but when turning sharply it stutters again.Please help

Are your four tires matched in size, make and model, tread depth? Also is the tire pressure okay?

If yes, look in your manual for the section on running a spare tire and removing or inserting the AWD fuse. It disables AWD and if the symptoms go away with AWD disabled its likely the solenoid pack(part of AWD).

I agree. Insert a fuse in the FWD receptacle under the hood. If the shuddering stops the problem is in the AWD transfer valve and clutch pack, which is in the rear of the transmission.

I had to have these parts replaced on my '96 Legacy to stop the drivetrain binding you describe.