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Please help this idiot!

Ok, I am sure I’m just an idiot, but I can’t get the OEM rubber floor mats (rear drivers side seats) snapped into place. No matter how hard I try, or what angle I use, I can’t get it. I am able to get the other 3 though.

I did notice that the mat in question (the hook attached to the cars carpet tends to go down when you push on it (kind of sink in), but I am able to pull it back up. A Kia porter was able to snap it in, but I can’t. I feel like an idiot going back to kia for this

Can anyone help this idiot?!!!


I bought weathertec mats for my wifes new car, fought with the drivers floormat only, every day till sunday, took it back to the shop I bought them from. 1 minute and he had it done, I know personally they can be difficult, and asking for help is ok. Sure I felt like an idiot, but all was well at the end of the day.

It’s so weird. All of the other 3 went in no problem (some force of course). I thought maybe it was because my hook was moving down a little bit when I pushed on it, but I’m guessing thats normal.

If you don’t mind me asking, Barkydog, what did the guy at the shop do? The porter had mine in within a minute as well!

I am really not sure, The tabs would not line up or fit for me, needless to say I have not messed with it since.

Pretty hard to help from here but sometimes a forceps or needle nose plier through the hole and pulling the tab through might help. My 08 Acura used to be a bear but the tabs were redesigned for 12 so not an unusual situation. Plus the stiffer the mats, the harder it is.

The clips in my Toyota are a PITA. The key appears to be the attack angle and it’s hard to line up both sides simultaneously. The porter has lots of practice…

“Ok, I am sure I’m just an idiot…” Mom! How are you? Good to see you found your way here, where we belong! Sounds like my kind of predicament. Keep the mats and insist they give you an other, brand new and better KIA.