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Clips to hold Car Mats

My wife has a 1999 Mercedes S500 and the rubber backing has deteriorated on the carpeted mats. This causes them to slip and bunch up. Anyone know where I can find a clip (device) that will hold the mats in place?

Have you tried one of those rubbery gripper grids that are meant to be put under area rugs? Target and Bed Bath & Beyond usually carry them.

I bought clips to hold the carpeted mats. These clips had pins that went into the carpet and then a clip to hold the mat. I found them either at Big Lots or at WalMart in the auto parts section. As I remember, these clips didn’t work very well.

In one vehicle I had, I put some hook side velcro tape on the bottom of the floor mats and let it stick to the carpets. Worked until summer when it got too hot inside the car and the adhesive on the velcro tape turned into a gooey mess.

You might want to look into getting a new set of mats - some come with a hook that screws into the underlying carpet/padding and fits into a hole on the mat. Better than risking a stuck gas pedal.