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Please Help Me:(

Please help me!! :frowning: I own a 2001 isuzi trooper, the water pipe has been broken a couple times, so the radiator has been leaking so my car overheats. But I fixed it a couple of months ago, yet after I fixed it the car kept going through the water/coolant extremely fast and was overheating unless i put water in it every other day. Yet, a couple of days ago, I was driving home, and i heard a bubbling noise, ignoring it i kept driving only to have complete loss of my accelerator and had my car rolling along the highway unable to accelerate. (And the last time I put water in the radiator was 10 days ago) now my car won’t even turn on, and it sounds like it is having a very difficult time when I try the ignition. plus when I do try to turn the engine on, coolant is coming out of my exhaust pipe. Any ideas of whats going on?! This car is my first car and I don’t want it to be dead on me!!

Sounds like the engine overheated. You may have blown a headgasket or worse.
Obviously the engine won’t start.
Am I to understand that it will barely crank over anymore?
It is possible that coolant has entered the cylinders. If so, you’re going to have a hard time cranking the engine over because liquids don’t compress.
Put a socket and breaker bar on the crankshaft and attempt to “bar it over” by hand. If it won’t turn over easily, you might have serious problems.

Key Words: " my car overheats, going through the water/coolant extremely fast, i heard a bubbling noise, ignoring it i kept driving, complete loss of my accelerator, coolant is coming out of my exhaust pipe "

Other than that Isuzi, have you enjoyed the Trooper ?

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Sorry, I think that by having a continuing over-heating, coolant consumption issue that there could be serious problems that will have to be evaluated as db4690 points out.


The vehicle would be best served with a remanufactured engine. Trying to fix head gaskets should be skipped.

You may be better off with a different vehicle. Fixing won’t be cheap. If the problem was a head gasket, it should have been checked out weeks ago, when it was possible to save the engine. All rapid coolant loss should be checked out immediately, no matter the cause.

I agree that the repeated overheating incidents have likely caused one or both of the head gaskets to become breached. In view of the age of the vehicle and the probable number of miles on this engine, I also agree that getting a remanufactured engine is the way to go. If you simply replace the head gaskets on the present engine, you are still going to be using an engine that has significant wear on the bearings, piston rings, and other friction surfaces.

And, just to point out something that the others seem to have ignored, if you have really been adding just water to the cooling system (rather than a 50-50 mix of coolant and water), then you have most likely exacerbated the overheating problem. No modern vehicle should be operated with “straight” water in the cooling system.

I think you have been driving the car with a bad head gasket for a long time. It is possible the damage now goes far beyond just replacing the head gasket. It is time for you to consider options. One of them is let the Trooper go and get another car. Another is to get a mechanic to estimate the repair of this car. Still another is to replace the engine completely. All of the options are going to get pricey.

I agree with the above observations; your car engine is probably toast, and in view of the make, age and model, you may be better off getting another vehicle and maintaining it religiously.

It sounds to me like repeatedly driving the car with a blown headgasket has not only caused repeated overheating and likely warpage of the head, but also allowed coolant to mix with the oil, which combined with the overheating has caused partial seizure of the main bearings as a minimum. I’ll bet that even with the sparkplugs out that engine would be hard to turn with a socket. Your cylinders are probably scored too.

A thorough evaluation should be begun, however I suspect that engine is toast.

“ignoring it i kept driving”

That statement is the reason why a comparatively minor problem has now created the need for another engine.

A compression test should be run as a first step and that will probably verify the obvious. With spark plugs out it might be a good idea to stand out of the way due to the strong likelihood that engine coolant may come blasting out of one or more spark plug holes.
The description makes it sound like a hydro-lock situation trying to develop with coolant seeping into acombustion chamber, or plural.