Air in the cooling arsystem

I need help bad, I have a 1998 isuzu trooper. it is over heating and there is air being put into the cooling systerm. there is a lost of fluid but only the same amount each each time and i dnt knw where too. i replaced water pump had radidator serviced and it flowing at the right flow for truck. it still over heated. i tried cehemical called blue devil it worked for two days then failed it is freezing cold here and no garage but do have all tools need help

Have you checked for a breached head gasket?


thats what asking if that worth doing and if maybe there mit be a cracked block

If it is running as you said, chances are a head gasket is breached. A cracked cylinder head or block is possible, but rare IMHO. But, a damaged block or head can be seen once the head is off.

No need to check…IF you are getting coolant loss and air in the system you HAVE a breached head gasket…You either Blue Devil the thing…or tear down and repair…up to you…One is 60 bucks and the other…round 1200


Blue Devil and similar snake oils are often successful at patching a leaking head gasket but only if properly administered. The cylinder that is blowing into the water jacket should be disabled at minimum, preferably remove the spark plug from the offending cylinder and repeatedly operate the engine up to operating temperature and shut it down until cooled. Pressure in the cylinder keeps the sealing chemical from getting into the gap.

Definitely…You need to determine your future plans with the vehicle and how you want to handle the actual repair. I’d use the Devil as a last ditch effort…meaning…if you would never even think of investing the money into the car that it would take to repair it mechanically…then you are at the “last ditch” mark… Blue Devil works when applied properly…I can attest to that, there’s no doubt about it. I never pulled a plug although that does make some logical sense…but I think the Devil works from heat so it needs the cyl to be trying to work at least. That Blue Dev hardens up just like a Hard water/mineral stain…hard as nails and so far has proven permanent…5 years running now after the same exact issue…


Why spend $60.00 for the Blue Devil product when a bottle of sodium silicate from a local pharmacy for $20.00 does the same thing?


Dunno? LOL… The Devil is last ditch…as we know…hopefully he will fix it the nice way…

doing head gasket and 3 inch suspension lift to fit new tires basically last ditch toy i guess thanks gents