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Please help me with this!

Hi all,
I own a car showroom. And it’s been about 2 months since, I have started the business. All my documents were kept in a file. I have lost some of my important documents. I am planning to convert everything to digital. I have heard about digital document management system. It’s a basic staple which is required for every companies who have implemented an ECM and who wants to keep ongoing paper storage.Do you think changing to digital will be more productive? Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

The real question is why wasn’t the whole thread removed.

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It looks like questions for PC magazine to me.

I didn’t remove it because sometimes people register and post and don’t mean to spam. In the event that Jeremy is asking a sincere question, it wouldn’t be fair for me to assume as much. If it turns out that’s the purpose of the thread, I’ll close it.

Well, what kind of documents?? Car titles, purchase contracts, what? You can convert to digital but you still need to retain the paper copies if it is a legal issue. If its for your convenience or to have a duplicate fine, but still gotta have paper for legal issues. Just do pdf, but also don’t forget that digital is not permanent. Media degrades over time and the software used to access it becomes unavailable. Tried to access any Wordstar files lately?

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A lot of folks who own showrooms sell cars. Do you sell cars too or show them to people?

You need to find out from your State agency that issued you a license as a dealer exactly what your record keeping requirements are. Also, if you are borrowing money you need to know exactly what the lender requires. This is really a legal and accounting problem, not a mechanical problem at all.

I would recommend cloud storage, Amazon Glacier is an economical choice. Drop box and Carbonite are also options. I have a backup program that can write to the cloud storage, it is always backed up in the cloud, saves money and trouble for setting up equipment.
Car related and any documents need to be backed up somehow, you can keep using paper and an inexpensive automatic feed scanner would be a suggestion to create digital copies as a backup solution. I just bought a scanner, fax, inkjet printer multifunction with scanner document feed for $119.00
Keep your paper practice but scan and back them up.
Hey peeps, pictures of your cars get a backup done before you need it!