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Help with. Dealer questions

My brother and. I went to a dealer and after meeting with the finance manager he had my sign a form on that form was a filing fee is that something standard

That’s a bogus dealer fee.

See if you can back out of the contract, and go to an honest dealer.


Are you cosigning the loan? (A very bad idea, by the way.)

Thank you so much

Dealers in my area charge a document fee, that is standard operating procedure.

Many dealers have a documentation fee , there is also a fee for filing a lien. Without seeing the actual papers the OP has no one can say the dealer is out of line. It all goes to the fact people need to understand what they are signing and realize after they sign it is done.

How much was the filing fee?

Here too. These fees are to pay for the required state documentation.
Are they legit? In my opinion any fee of any kind not disclosed in full during the negotiations is not. Full disclosure of the amount of the fee that the dealer will keep should also be mandatory and up front. But the legislators never asked my opinion… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I guess we don’t really know which (bro or sis) is buying the car (I assumed bro).

It’s pretty normal, but it’s also usually not a dealbreaker. “Look, I am not going to pay you a fee for the privilege of signing a form that says I have to give you money. Take it off or I walk.”

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thank you all so much for your help. I truly appreciate it. I wanted to ask a question If my brother does the paper work of going to his insurance and doing what the dealer would do does he still get charged a fee

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It is just that my brother is buying his first car. The last time he did this was with my late father. So Nestor my brother is learning.

I don’t care what a dealer charges in fees. The only figure I care about is the out the door price. They can slice and dice the amount I am willing to pay in any way they want. I don’t care if they preprint fees on their forms, fees do not increase the amount I am willing to pay.

I have rules of engagement. I will deal with one dealershio employee at a time. If the sales rep gets a “manager”, the sales rep must leave.Same rules as tag team wrestling. I make it clear the the “finance manager”, closing agent or whoever cannot add to the negotiated price. I will and have walked out.

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If you are co-signing as it appears since you had to sign some form ( never sign some form without actually knowing what the form is ) your brother is not buying a vehicle, your are. My friend who has a loan company has his closers always tell the co-signers as far as we are concerned this is your loan and we will contact you first about problems.

If this vehicle purchase is completed and your brother has possession than it is too late to do anything. If not just keep asking questions during the closing until you fully understand what is going on. People here have no way to know if the fees are legit, negotiable or if they can be waived without seeing the paper work.

After 3 or so visits to the dealer and a phone call from the sales manager who named a price I agreed to, my wife and I went to buy the used van.

Well, good for you but how does that address the OP’s question about fees?

Sorry for the above… incomplete.

They had the keys and paperwork on a small table. I resisted any temptation to pick up the keys. I saw there were fees and sales tax on the paperwork, which awaited my signature.

I said I’d pay the price plus sales tax but no document fees or the like. That meant another backroom discussion and retyping the paperwork, but I got the deal I wanted. Having already seen me walk out 2 or 3 times, and leaving the kays sitting there, they knew what to do to complete the sale.

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Thank you for your help Shanonia, For my brother I think that he needs to work on really being strong and firm with the dealer financing manager.

Why were Cyntialoveelton comments/questions hidden? When I opened them I saw nothing wrong.

The system automatically flags a poster when they try to log in the original screen name from a different IP address. It will take a monitor to clear this up.

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