Please help me learn about this car/motorcycle!

Hi, everyone. I wanted to ask does know what a 1970s Carabella looks like?
Does anyone know if it is a car or a motorcycle? I’ve found no information on the thing so far.

Google “Carabela” (note 1 “l”) and post a link to one that looks like the one you’re interested in. All the ones I found are motorcycles.

Why do you ask?

Just Google “carabella motorcycles” for more info. “Carabela was a Mexican motorcycle company that made small bore motorcycles and mopeds . . .”

Here’s more info:

I am handling a deceased family members estate, and the person that died was disorganized and left terrible records. I know the object exists because I found a title for it that says it is a “MC” on the title (that means motorcycle I think).
I did Google it and that came up with some results, but that isn’t really too specific about it. I wanted to see if I could figure out what looks like so I can find the bike.

Thank you for info texases.

I am not an expert on motorcycles, but I suggest a small motorcycle, 40 years old, may not be worth worrying about, unless by some strange quirk it has become a collector’s item.

It might make for a good episode of American Pickers.

Too bad the title didn’t say “Indian” or “Vincent”…

You found the title but you may never find the bike…Everyone should learn that when you die, your relatives (or someone) will transfer most of your belongings to a big roll-off dumpster labeled “This Was Your Life”…

On American Pickers Mike would be looking skeptical and Frank would be trying to bundle it with a plastic robot toy and an oil can