2005 dodge stratus/PLS HELP

the other day im driving on the highway about 70 mph and felt a slight jolt and started to lose speed. i tried pushing gas peddle but nothing happend. once i came to a stop i tried turning key but car would not start (it turned over,just would not turn on)can anyone please tell me what would cause this? [p.s one person told me it was my timing belt and would cost around 1000.00 to fix]

Someone is going to need to do some trouble shooting. Any strange sounds when you started loosing speed? Auto or manual transmission? How many miles on it? Any history of problems? Has the maintenance been kept up to date?

A Timing Belt Breaking Would Certainly Cause This Condition.

You most likely have a 2.4L four-cylinder engine. That one and the 3.0L six-cylinder have timing belts that require periodic replacement to avoid the car stopping following probable engine damage. $1000 sounds too low if this was allowed to happen.

Some have a 2.7L six-cylinder with a longer lived timing chain, no belt.

Tell us which engine you’ve got, how many miles on the car and how many miles since the last timing belt was installed. We’ll tell you how likely a broken timing belt is.

Anyhow, it could be something else and a proper diagnosis needs to be done. A timing belt won’t take long to diagnose, but engine damage could be trickier.