Beyond frustrated-more info


Sorry for not giving enough info. Here is some more:

98 Chevy cavalier

89k miles

Regular maintenances kept up with it

No check engine lights came on, the car just stalled out

This is the first time it did this. As soon as I start the car it starts to make some strange noise in the front end and when I shift it into drive it instantly stalls out. It does it when it?s in reverse too.

I hope this helps out more, please let me know if you need more info.



Sorry…need more information.

What KIND of noise?? Metal to metal?? Growling??

What happens if you put it park and rev the engine a little???

Doesn’t sound to me like you have too much experience working on cars. I’d get it to a good mechanic and have him check it out. It could be a LOT of different things.


If the mechanic who looked at the car can’t figure it out, find another mechanic.

There are many possible causes for this problem, and without a check engine light it’s going to take some testing to find it. It’s a process of elimination, and it may take some time.


Is the cr still with your mechanic? If so he should be able to diognose the source and cause of the “strange noise.” That should make it easier.


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In my opinion, you’re far too impatient with the diagnostic process. Often, people think their car is the only one the shop is working on. If it were, your work would cost 10x more money as they sat around waiting for you to have a problem.


Could you describe that noise and does it jerk or exhibit any movement when you put it into gear?