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'Piled Up in Huge Lots, Volkswagen's Reworked Diesels Trickle to Buyers'

'her old Jetta was parked along with a reported 23,000 other VW diesels. They are a fraction of the repurchased Jettas, Jetta SportWagens, Golfs, Audi A3s and Beetles similarly awaiting their fates in nearly two dozen lots scattered around the country.

'Nearly three years after Volkswagen started its buyback program, the automaker said it had approximately 100,000 of these diesels left to sell, after which it will abandon diesel cars in the American market. Demand is surprisingly high, dealers say.

‘Why would anyone want a disgraced diesel? For the same reasons they wanted one before the scandal: economy.’

'When new, a VW diesel costs substantially more than a comparable gas model. But the calculus has now shifted. In 2014, a base Jetta diesel started at $23,195, while the gasoline model started at $16,720. Now for used Volkswagens there is little difference. “In terms of post-fix,” Mr. Paris said, “you can get a diesel at prices similar to a gas model.”

‘“Every vehicle we see needs brakes and tires. The brakes are rusted, and the tires are dry-rotted.” Batteries, windshield wipers, filters and fluids are commonly replaced, and sometimes shift cables are too.’

Here’s another take on it: