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Are the later, 2007, 2008 Mitsubishi pickup acutallly manufactured by Dodge? I am thinking about one, but am leery of the autotransmission if it is actually Dodge. Chrysler autotrans have always been a problem in the past. Thanks for your input

Perhaps you are the “expert” in this situation as I can’t remember the torqueflight automatic transmission from Chrysler being labled a “problem child”

Since 2006, Mitsu pickups are rebadged Dodge Dakotas. I don’t think they have any more or any less transmission troubles than any other small pickup.

I think sytap8 may be confused by the FWD transmissions in Chryco minivans, although in my experience those have done as well as anyone else’s too. My theory is that there ar SO MANY of them out there that everyone knows someone who has had an issue, although most those issues seem to happen at 150K or so.

I know of at least one older Mitsu pickup with over 200K miles that has never had any tranny troubles. I do not know how well it was serviced as I didn’t meet it until recently .

i had a 1988 dodge ram 50 pickup.that was build by was a great only problem had to replace the timing belt three time.had truck for 13 year had a 5 speed tranny never had to change clutch.

Most of Chrysler minivan transmission problems were on the mid to early 90s. Today they usually make it past 100k for people that never change the fluid.

that isn’t really a problem, just maintenance