Chrysler-Dodge transmission troouble


Were there frequent transmission probems with Chrysler and Dodge minvans a few years back and have these problems been resloved in newer models?


As far as I know, yes and no.

They did have tranny problems, and as far as I know, they still do.


Although they’re not known for having the strongest transmissions (neither are Honda Odysseys), one thing that is really important to their longeivity is that you use the correct transmission fluid. If you use a non-Chrysler approved fluid, you can kill the transmission. Some places that service transmissions will blend 2 fluids together and claim that the result is in spec, but I’ve heard advice to the contrary from other mechanics. Bottom line, use the correct fluid.


They have gotten much better. The 604 transmission was known for their converter failures, snap ring issues, differential problems, solenoid pack failures amongst other things. DC got on the ball and started addressing the issues. Dont expect them to be absolutely problem free. All automatics have their little quirks and will continue to have them.



Some drivers were cruel to their transmissions on long steep hills. They wouldn’t downshift from OD and the transmissions would hunt up and down between third and fourth. It didn’t help the transmissions or their reputations going up the coastal hills in Ca. I couldn’t stand riding with that type of driver. A lot of minivan drivers used to want to do 85 MPH too. The transmissions may be better than we think.