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Chrysler transmission

I have must decide between a 2007 Chrysler T&C Touring and the same model in 2008. Judging from Chrysler’s history of transmission problems – I currently own a '99 T&C – were there any improvements made to the transmission between '07 and '08?

Could be, but it is still a trouble-prone unit with a short design life.

If you buy minivans then you buy vehicles with trouble prone transmissions - period.

Now, before anyone comes out of the woodwork talking about their experience this brand or that brand etc., you can find plenty of Dodge/Chrysler owners who have never had transmission problems.

The bottom line is that a minivan should not be called a “mini”-van - it should be called a “maxi”-wagon since the drive train in many “minivans” is the same drive train put in cars. Basically, the transmissions are somewhat underbuilt for the extra size/weight of the vans.

The best you can do if you have need for a minivan is have a transmission shop: a) install an auxiliary fluid cooler and b) drop the pan & change the filter every 30K miles. Of course, that’s good for any transmission, but especially so for minivans since the deck is already stacked against them.

thanks, your comment and advice make good sense.

oh, if I purchase a late model minivan w/ >30,000 miles, would you recommend I change the filter as soon as I take possession?

I absolutely would. If you don’t do your own work, do find a good local, independent transmission shop (i.e. not one of the chain places). When they pull the pan they can “read” its contents - its not like reading tea leaves or anything, but it can be “read.” If you do this regularly then you build up a good relationship with the place which is always great to have if you do run into actual issues.