Picking an SUV

I want an SUV with third row for carting kids and their friends around, and want a reliable car, that drives well in snow. I am deciding between the Toyota Highlander Hybrid (but what about the safety concerns?) and the Chevrolet Traverse. Any suggestions?

The Highlander hybrid is a fine SUV, but it is expensive and set up for more power over fuel economy. The Chevy Traverse will feel more basic, but likely not far off in mpg and a lot less expensive to purchase.

Include the Honda Pilot too with the Highlander; you won’t be disappointed. It handles well, seats 7 and is nearly as wide as an Expedition. No SUV is more reliable. Neighbor is on his second and it handles the snow/ice covered road as well as any other vehicle we drive around here. I do not like the drive system in the Chev/GMC car based SUVs.